Ultimate Secret Formula Lab By SmartLab Toys

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Ultimate Secret Formula Lab By SmartLab Toys

Prepare to amaze your friends and family with Science! Investigate fluid dynamics and chemical reactions with experiments like Pop Push Challenge, Spud Bubbles, Visible Vapor, and Foaming Pink Volcano. Demonstrate the power of pressure with Gravity-Defying Water, The Amazing Breathing Marshmallow, and Super Squeeze. But don't stop there! Develop your own labs and 'tricks' to perform with the custom Experimentation Station. The pressure's on! 

Explore the Secrets of Science with the Unique Experimentation Station!
Pump it up! Mix and move concoctions with the one-of-a-kind pressurized valve and plunger system, and observe chemical reactions like a real scientist. 

Endless Science Fun!
Conduct 40 epic experiments that fizz, change color, disappear, crystallize, and defy gravity using the chemicals provided and common kitchen ingredients. Steam Focus: Chemistry
The illustrated 32-page lab book helps young scientists learn what's happening as they conduct experiments on simple and complex chemistry principles like exothermic reactions, the states of matter, pH balance, and more! 

  • Explore the secrets of science with the unique Experimentation Station!
  • ENDLESS SCIENCE FUN-conduct 40 epic experiments using the chemicals provided and your own common kitchen ingredients
  • Includes base station, plunger, cylinder, valves, test tube holder, test tubes, reservoirs, rubber grommets, snap clips, flask, beaker, vinyl tubes, petri dish, pipette, calcium chloride, phenol red, calcium hydroxide, pH strips, spill tray, book
  • STEM Focus: Chemistry
  • For ages 8 and up