Mighty Grinder 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper Grinder Mill Combination

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Mighty Grinder 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper Grinder Mill Combination

Bring the restaurant experience to your home, with this professional chef's kitchen tool! 

This restaurant-style salt and pepper grinder is the perfect gift for those who enjoy gourmet meals seasoned to perfection. Its stainless-steel accents look beautiful in any kitchen. Taste the difference in freshly grinding salt and pepper. Use this 2-IN1 SALT AND PEPPER MILL to add an elevated taste to your food. -Grinder with two chambers: one for salt, one for pepper. -Infinite adjustment of grinding level from fine to coarse. -Sealed chambers help keep spices fresh. -Easy to use. -Stainless steel finish. Choose between fine and coarse granules instantly! Made from stylish, easy-to-clean, and durable materials! Sealed containers prevent moisture and provide a fresher taste! Large chambers with wide openings for no mess, easy refilling! Keep Your Spices Fresh - Bringing out the flavor in your food is all about keeping your spices fresh. With the Dual Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder, there's no worry about your spices becoming stale or collecting dust. Your spices will be sealed tight in the clear acrylic chamber, keeping them fresh and ready to be served! Easy To Use and Refill - With large clear containers and large container openings, it's easy to refill your grinder with your favorite spices! Simply remove the silver knob at the top of the grinder and pour in salt and pepper. After replacing the top, hold the base of the grinder while twisting the stainless-steel top either clockwise or counterclockwise! The perfect amount of spices will be distributed evenly on your food.