2 LoShed for Pets Allergen & Shedding Reduction Formula Spray Bottles 6.8 oz

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2 LoShed for Pets Allergen & Shedding Reduction Formula Spray Bottles 6.8 oz

Grooming your pet with Loshed makes living with your pet more comfortable by reducing excessive dander and allergens in your living environment Significantly reduces airborne dander in dogs and dry saliva from the hair coats of cats both of which are primary sources of human allergies to pets Reduces non- essential shedding - will NOT effect the seasonal shedding process Loshed contains essential nutrients which improves your pets hair and skin condition - reviving dry flaky and itchy skin and making the coat healthier softer and more lustrous Each bottle is 6.8 ounces Comes in a non-aerosol spray bottle Spray has a nice fresh pleasant smell to it Loshed was scientifically developed and tested by veterinarians and proven to be effective environmentally friendly and completely safe for pets and their owners Loshed used to be exclusively only available through a veterinarian but now it is available without a prescription This exclusive product is only available here it was made and manufactured specially for Gordon Companies Inc. (Christmas Central is a division of Gordon Companies) Active Ingredients: keratin amino acids vitamins A and E complex of essential unsaturated fatty acids biotin calcium d-panthothenate inositol herbal extracts Pack includes 2 bottles of Loshed - the retail cost of 1 bottle is $19.99 so you get one bottle half off!